Breaking new ground

I’ve been busy today transitioning my blog from Tumblr to WordPress. Thus far, I’ve been impressed with capabilities of WordPress and the features available. My experience with writing a blog isn’t extensive: I’ve reached the 100 day mark (I started blogging mid-January 2010). The biggest lesson learned to date is how hard it is to manage the time needed to stay current on so many social media platforms (featured in my next blog, Zero to 150) and to generate new content. I’ve received some good advice, including the need to plan topics in advance and to develop a release schedule. I look forward to implementing these in the future. In the interim, resources such as the book Digging into WordPress (click on shovel icon) are available and provide excellent advice for developing high impact blogs.

Feel free to provide feedback regarding the look and feel of the blog. And let me know if I made the right choice switching from Tumblr to WordPress.


4 thoughts on “Breaking new ground”

  1. Hi,

    Glad to see you on WordPress, as well as Twitter. Maybe when I’m in my blog, I’ll get fed suggestions for posts to yours. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it, even if difficult to keep up with. Regards, Mark

  2. Mr. White–
    This new look is, as my father-in-law used to say, “not too shabby.” It’s great! Congrats!

  3. Hi Dr. White,

    Thank you for including my blog,, in your blogroll. Your blog looks outstanding.

    If you have the time, or inclination, might I suggest using a self-hosted version of WordPress for your next upgrade? You have more control over the domain name, sidebar widgets, and the option of e-commerce due to the less restrictive terms of service.

    Thank you for all that you are sharing on Twitter as well, which is how I found you.

    All the Best,
    Holly Kolman
    Editor & Publisher,

    @mobienthusiast on Twitter

  4. Blog looks good. Nice and clean. Can’t speak to Tumblr, but everything I’ve heard and seen suggests WordPress is the class of the field. Wish now I’d gone the self-hosted route with WordPress. I think you’re going to like the ability to add lots of features and sidebar elements that aren’t doable when you have WP host for you.

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