Who’s Your Daddy? Identifying the Top Five Cannabis Parent Strains

As more states approve medical and recreational access to cannabis, consistency of strain genetics is becoming more important from both a consumer and industry perspective. New strains are introduced to the market with increased frequency. What cannabis strains are the most active parents?

The data for this project comes from Leafly and includes parent information for 1,497 strains of the 2232 strains that list at least one parent. Only parentage relationships are explored – regardless of whether a parent is listed as mother or father.  The data were reformatted to allow for input into a social network analysis.

Based on the analysis, the top five cannabis parents as of April 2017, are:

Strain Progeny
OG Kush (hybrid) 114
Afghani (indica) 113
Blueberry (indica) 87
Skunk #1 (hybrid) 84
Sour Diesel (sativa) 63*
White Widow (hybrid) 63*


It is interesting to note that three of the top six parents are hybrid strains, and thus the children of other strains. And it is surprising, in my opinion, that the most prodigious parent is a hybrid strain (assumed to be the child of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush).

As with any research, this study has limitations. First, it is based on data from the second week of April 2017. The second limitation is that the data is from one source. And finally, for some strains (e.g., OG Kush above) the parentage is not certain.

For both medical and recreational cannabis retailers, the implications are clear: knowing which strains to breed and which strains to offer is becoming increasingly important as consumer tastes and sophistication evolve.